Our hope for 2016 is to begin the process of funding for building a brand new community school located in the N’gombe compound of Lusaka.


The past several years have been an incredible journey with Arise Africa. Together, we have seen a dream come to fruition. First with the opening of the Arise Home in 2012…and now with the completed funding for a second home that will open at the end of summer 2016. We are grateful to the Lord for how beautifully these projects have come together. Children are now living off the streets and in a home with loving housemothers and friends who feel like siblings. The Lord redeems in beautiful ways—these homes are living proof!


The Arise Homes will always be part of the work of Kershaw’s Challenge—those children are part of our family. Now with the building project complete, we feel compelled to reach back into the community again. For years, Arise Africa has maintained a presence in a compound called N’gombe. The compound is the home to many, many children and families. The Arise staff cares for children living here through a child sponsorship and feeding program. They are in the compound every day—serving and ministry to an area that is poor and desolate.

As we began to think about 2016, our conversation quickly turned towards N’gombe. We have seen the power of education for these children. A great education and mentors to love and guide creates opportunity for change. Therefore, in 2016 we are excited to focus our efforts on raising funds to build a brand new school in N’gombe.


Arise Africa is excited about the prospect of running a school that has efficient classrooms, small class sizes and highly qualified teachers. We love their vision and are excited to stand by their side to make this dream a reality. We have seen the Lord use the gift of education as a vehicle to break the cycle of poverty. Equipping the children of N’gombe with tools to succeed will encourage them to step outside of the pattern they have long known and seek change. 

Check out the continued work of Arise Africa. The Lord is using this ministry in powerful ways in Lusaka. There is always a need for child sponsors. If you feel led, we encourage you to seek an opportunity to play a part in changing the life of a specific child. You can learn more about it here.