We will join Behind Every Door’s efforts to completely remodel a community center and fund after-school programming at the Village Oaks apartment complex. 


We are thrilled to introduce our new friends at Behind Every Door. It is a young ministry located in our hometown of Dallas, Texas. They are gospel-centered in their approach to transform the lives of children and families living in underserved neighborhoods. Behind Every Door is relationship centered—they seek to get to know the stories and lives of children and families. They also believe in the power of collaboration—building on relationships with other non-profits, churches and businesses to more effectively minister to the area. 


Our team had the opportunity to visit one of the apartment complexes that Behind Every Door serves. Located in south Dallas, the Village Oaks apartment complex is undergoing change thanks to the work of the Lord through Behind Every Door. They have a new vision to renovate an existing community center, which will serve as the home to programming. The goal is to create a warm and inviting space that feels like a home with a living room and kitchen and rooms for programming. Their hope is that kids can come by the center after school, plop down on a couch after a hard day of school and begin to talk. Kershaw’s Challenge 2016 will aim to make this vision a reality.

In addition to the new community center, we are excited to provide the funding for after school programming. Behind Every Door relies on friendships with awesome organizations such as Big Thought, who aims to provide best-in-class programming. These programs provide a snack, literacy support, service-learning opportunities, character building, discipleship groups, culturally relevant enrichment courses, and dinner. These unique and targeted programs will run Monday-Friday, 3:00-6:30. We love this approach: entering into the lives of these children and offering them resources and opportunities to break out of the cycle of poverty—and most importantly, sharing the good news of the gospel.

The Village Oaks apartment complex is changing, thanks to the involvement of Behind Every Door. We are so excited to play a role in helping this awesome organization do what they are called to do in South Dallas.