We hope to raise funds to cover the surgery costs for children who cannot afford treatment and support capital improvements and new programs, such as physical therapy.


Once again, we are humbled by the opportunity to partner with CURE International for another season. CURE is an incredible organization—they seek to “transform the lives of children with physical disabilities in the developing world through medical and spiritual healing.” There are 9 CURE International Hospitals worldwide and we are so excited to specifically focus CURE Dominican Republic.

Throughout the developing world, the lack of quality health care, combined with overwhelming poverty, increases the rate of correctable conditions like clubfoot, hydrocephalus, cleft lips/palates, and other physical disabilities among children in resource-poor countries. Many of these conditions that are prevalent in the world simply do not exist in developed nations, due to quality prenatal care or medical correction early in life. For example, children born with clubfoot in the US will have the condition corrected within months after their birth. For kids in nations like the Dominican Republic, this disability typically goes untreated, often causing physical harm and social stigmatization in their lives. This is where CURE comes into play.



The incredible people of CURE believe in healing body and soul—they seek to provide first-world medical care while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We love EVERYTHING about CURE and rejoice that we can come alongside them this season in the DR!

CURE Dominican Republic is located in the capital city of Santo Domingo and has conducted more than 71, 300 patient visits and performed more than 11, 600 surgeries since opening in 2003. This pediatric orthopedic hospital provides inpatient surgical and rehabilitative care to disabled children. They also offer orthopedic and general medical services to aspiring baseball players in Major League Baseball programs. 

For Kershaw’s Challenge 2016, we are committed to meeting the hospital’s greatest need: funding for surgeries. CURE treats any young patient, regardless of their ability to pay. So we are excited to step in and pay for those who cannot afford treatment. Additionally, part of our funds will go towards helping with new concepts—such as capital improvements to the facility and crafting necessary programs, such as physical therapy. 

We love the work of CURE International. They are fulfilling a desperate need in the Dominican Republic as they are the only hospital that is suited specifically for children. We look forward to watching the Lord’s work through them in 2016!