In 2016, we will raise funds to sponsor the Back to School Bash and the Transitional Housing Program.


We love everything that the Dream Center stands for. Their mission perfectly aligns with the heartbeat of Kershaw’s Challenge: “Reconnecting isolated people to God and a community of support by providing human services that address immediate and long-term needs in the areas of homelessness, hunger relief, medical care and education.”

In 2016, we are excited to stand with the Dream Center again. We will focus our fundraising on supporting two unique opportunities: the Back to School bash and the Transitional Housing Program. The Back to School bash is held every year right before the school year begins. The Dream Center uses this fun event to invite children and families to prepare for a new school year in a fun and safe way. The event is a carnival-like atmosphere, created with families in mind, and it sends each child home with a backpack filled with essential school supplies. For many, these might be the only supplies they will receive in the year. We believe, along with the Dream Center, that education is a powerful tool of change in Los Angeles. That’s why this event is so important and such a tremendous opportunity. We are so excited to full sponsor the event—and each and every school supply—for the children of Los Angeles.


One of the reasons we love the Dream Center is that they are committed to meeting the critical needs of suffering and vulnerable families. One of the main vehicles that they use is the Transitional Housing Program. This program is unique—it uses a hands-on method to bring homeless families off the streets in L.A. and into a safe environment with temporary housing, classes and resources to get back on their feet. Additionally, the children are enrolled into a nearby school to insure the stability a normal routine offers. This is a critical opportunity and we love how the Dream Center is meeting the need. We will spend 2016 raising to support to bring families off the street and into a home environment.

The Lord is at work in Los Angeles through the efforts of the Dream Center. We are grateful to call them partners again this year!