This year, we are thrilled to partner with three incredible charities in Africa, Dallas & Los Angeles. All three organizations have something in common: they are dramatically impacting the lives of at-risk and vulnerable children.

Arise Africa

Through Arise Africa, Kershaw’s Challenge will be going back to the community school and compound that was once the home of the 8 kids who are now living in Arise Home. Destiny Community School does not have the resources to provide their hundreds of students with a quality education. Kershaw’s Challenge is excited to help meet this need. We will be doubling the school size with more classrooms, so that they are not teaching three grade levels in one small room. Part of our donation will go towards hiring faculty with higher levels of education. We believe that education is the way of empowering kids to break the poverty cycle they have grown up in. These children have the chance to become the change their country desperately needs. To read more about this year's project for Arise Africa, click here.

Mercy Street

In Dallas we are joining efforts with Mercy Street Ministries. We will begin the campaign for building a Little League baseball field for inner-city kids in West Dallas. Mercy Street is committed to keeping kids off the street through after-school education & sports programs. This baseball field will allow more West Dallas baseball teams to play locally and have a field to use throughout the season for practices & games. To see this year's project for Mercy Street, click here.


The values of Kershaw’s Challenge perfectly align with those of ShareFest, based in Los Angeles, California. Through their Youth Development Academy, ShareFest believes in educating & empowering middle school aged students to graduate high school and acquire a higher education. They host after-school programs and summer camps for at-risk youth to keep them off the streets, and in structured sports & educational programs throughout the year. To read more about this year's project for ShareFest, click here.

Kershaw’s Challenge is about so much more than baseball. It’s about a lifestyle. It’s about making a difference exactly where YOU are. For Clayton, it comes back to the game of baseball. It is about using that platform to accomplish something bigger than himself. To remind him of his responsibility to care for others, Clayton makes a donation for every strikeout he makes. We challenge you to join us this season. Pledge per strikeout, or win, or mile you run, or book you read. Make whatever you love to do about something more…and see everything as a great opportunity to give back to those in need.

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