Mission Trip 2013

This past trip to Zambia was by far the most memorable. We were able to share our passion for Africa with our closest friends and family. It was a trip of a lifetime to experience the grand opening of Arise Home with those who have supported us along the way. Our mission of this trip was get the kids settled in the home, since they had only moved in 2 weeks before we got there.

It was amazing to be a part of their transition, and to see them settle in as a new family. We organized donation items, hung things on the walls, set up the library, and the boys did a lot of landscaping and gardening outside. We made sure we left plenty of time to play with the kids as well! In the afternoons, we took different excursions around Lusaka- visiting compounds, community schools and another orphanage. When we rolled through the compounds, kids saw our big blue bus- and knew we were there to play! We loved on the kids we met, holding them, throwing them into the air & blowing bubbles for them to catch. At the infant orphanage, we held babies & let them crawl around in the sunshine. We visited tent villages that were difficult to process, and met families who lived in conditions that seemed unlivable. We hoped to bless and share the gospel with all we encountered, and saw the Lord working in Zambia in some incredible ways!