“The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy.”
Psalm 126:3


As we reflect back on the 2013 season with Kershaw’s Challenge, it is truly incredible to consider all that the Lord has done. A year ago, 8 vulnerable orphans moved into Arise Home. Today, they are a thriving, educated, empowered and a loving family in every sense of the word. Additionally, through our other partnerships, we have seen communities begin to transform thanks to the phenomenal work of organizations we believe in.

By God’s grace, Kershaw’s Challenge raised $519,530 in 2013. It was an answer to prayer to have so many friends, family and fans join our efforts. Thanks to YOUR generosity and the Lord’s work, we were able to give more than ever to our partner ministries.

We want to be good, responsible stewards of your generosity. Therefore, we believe that 100% of your donation should be given directly to the charities and projects we support. Not one dollar goes towards the operating costs of Kershaw’s Challenge. We are so grateful for every dollar given by generous donors; we want to make sure it goes directly into the hands of organizations helping children in need.


Thanks to your generosity, a school in Zambia will expand its size and be able to provide more children the education they deserve to become productive citizens and leaders.


We went back to the compound where the Arise Home children came from, and have partnered with a community school committed to making a difference in the hundreds of children’s lives they serve daily. We are building additional classrooms so that kids can get a great education and expand their vision towards a greater future. Lord willing, this is only the beginning of a great ripple effect to impact and transform Zambia.

We donated $10,000 to teacher salaries so that Destiny Community School has the opportunity to hire highly educated, professional teachers. Because of Kershaw’s Challenge donors, we also donated $10,000 to build a water well on campus.



Thanks to your generosity, a full-time afterschool program to provide tutoring and discipleship was implemented into another L.A. Continuation High School.


Sharefest’s afterschool programs have dramatically increased high school graduation rates- up to 600%! By expanding their programs to another Continuation High School, Sharefest can provide early intervention to increase odds of success, and maximize student academic and personal potential—regardless of income.



Thanks to your generosity, the dream of a little league field in West Dallas will soon be a reality.


We cannot dream of a better way for a community to rally around it’s youth than cheering them on at a little league “Field of Dreams.” Inner-city youth have developed a passion for baseball through Mercy Street’s afterschool discipleship and sports programs. Our prayer is after another year of fundraising, this dream will become a reality for these children.