We have loved partnering with Arise Africa this past year and are excited to share their passion to serve the orphans in Zambia. It is amazing to see how the Lord is at work in this ministry. Evidence can be found by looking at the lives that are being changed in His name through Arise Africa.

Traveling to Lusaka with them the past couple years has been an incredible blessing in our lives. The heartbeat of Arise Africa is relational ministry. We share the same passion for building relationships with the people of Zambia and walking next to them as they grow in a relationship with the Lord. Arise Africa has partnered with several community schools around Lusaka to build classrooms, provide school supplies, and begin child sponsorship programs to feed and mentor the students.

The Zambian staff for Arise Africa has been essential in the building of Hope’s Home. Their cultural knowledge and steadfast commitment to prayer are essential in building a sustainable home for kids in Zambia. During our last trip to Lusaka in January of 2012, we met with Zambian architects to go over blueprints and layouts for the home. This meeting inspired us to expand our vision for Hope’s Home as we raise funds for Phase II: development of the orphanage.

Development consists of several parts. First of all, the Zambian staff has scouted out land nearby the home to buy for farmland. This will be important opportunity to teach the kids how to plant crops, use them for cooking, and help make the home more self-sustainable someday. We also plan on building a chicken coop on the property since eggs are an excellent source of protein and also provide the children with valuable lessons of care. Any excess crops not needed for Hope’s Home will go to feeding children in the Arise Africa child feeding program.

Obviously, furnishing the home is of great importance. We want this to be a safe, warm environment. Beds, desks, dressers, kitchen supplies, and school supplies for the library are the essentials. We have created a budget of $30,000 to cover the necessary furnishings for the home. 

Part of development also includes a reserve medical fund, to set aside for emergencies. As the home will welcome children off the streets, many are battling all sorts of disease and infections. Hope’s Home will have multiple children with the HIV or AIDS Virus. These kids usually have no hope to be cared for because of their disease. Basic medical care will be included in child sponsorship for each child, but we believe it is smart to set aside $10,000 for medical emergencies.

Transportation will be important for the live-in housemother. We would love to purchase a car for her to be able to drive the kids to and from the clinic, (kids with HIV will visit the local clinic at least 1 time every three months and probably once a month) or run to town for groceries. We believe this will be a huge blessing for the home.

We absolutely believe that education is the greatest priority to give these children a chance at a better future. Thankfully, there is an amazing private school within walking distance that all the children of Hope’s Home will attend. This is such a tremendous blessing! School fees and uniforms will also be included in our child sponsorship program.

Finally, we have a list of miscellaneous items that include building walls around both farmland and home with electric wiring on top. As crazy as that may sound, it is actually protocol for fences in Lusaka, to prevent theft. We also hope to secure a reserve septic tank for Hope’s Home.

We are so excited about the building progress. At this rate, Hope’s Home should be up and running—a safe home for children—by next off-season! Once we have carefully identified the orphans that are most vulnerable and needing a home, we will set up a child sponsorship program. This is an incredible way to have a hands-on impact with a child in Zambia. Sponsors will get to build personal relationships with a child, sending letters back and forth, and receiving regular progress report updates from the housemothers.

It has been a joy to sponsor Hope, and because of her our lives will never be the same. We have seen her grow and mature into a young lady with spiritual depth and are encouraged by the advanced education she is receiving. Hope’s story is similar to many of the children we plan to reach in Zambia.

We would love your continued partnership in this project. It is amazing to watch the progress unfold. Lord willing, in just a few short months, Hope’s Home will begin an exciting new chapter for ten kids. They will go from living on the streets or in homes that are overcrowded with dirt floors to a loving and safe environment. These kids will never be hungry for food again and some will sleep in their very own bed for the first time. They will attend a private school with a high caliber of education. And most importantly, they will feel the Lord’s love and truly have a family that they never dream possible. We hope you will consider joining us in the journey ahead as we strive to change one life at a time.