Where Kershaw's Challenge all began...


Arise Africa

2019 Project: Phase Three of Four : Build the school classrooms and Cafeteria.

We are getting so close! The Arise Christian School is already functioning and it is our joy to see kids proudly attending classes. Last year was an incredible year! We have mapped out a strategic plan and believe that 2019 will make a sizeable dent in finishing up this project. We will focus our attention on raising funds for more classrooms and a brand new cafeteria. This dream of a new school is already a reality and it is a joy to create more space for even more students.


Both ends believing

Our 2019 goal is to implement the “Children First” software in Zambia and the Dominican Republic.

We are thrilled to introduce you to a new organization focused on putting every orphaned child into a family. Both Ends Believing works with the governments in the DR & Zambia to implement software (Children First) that gives every orphaned child an official identity, electronic record and process to be placed in a family. They are addressing this main issue: the number one barrier to getting orphans into families is inadequate data. We are humbled by the opportunity to support this incredible effort in the two countries we have already invested in: the DR and Zambia.