Our home town. The hub of the KC Office. A special part of our history.


Connecting POint Park cities

We are excited to provide scholarship funds for “teammates,” funds for additional staffing needs, programs and future planning.

Connecting Point seeks to provide families and individuals with quality, stimulating, and all-inclusive programs for young adults with disabilities. We would love to help make Connecting Point available to more teammates through scholarship funding. Additionally, we would love to support the programs and staffing needs. Finally, we are excited to help their organization grow and plan for the future in meeting the needs of a population that is living longer.


Interfaith Family Services

Let's build the “Teen Floor” of the new Family Empowerment Center! We are so excited about the incredible work of Interfaith Family Services in our hometown of Dallas. Their mission is to “empower families in crisis to break the cycle of poverty.” They exclusively target working poor families, serving homeless parents and children through services designed to eliminate housing barriers, equip parents to obtain viable careers and overcome financial challenges, and educational support services for children. They are ACTIVELY helping families get off the streets and back on their feet. The new Family Empowerment Center is already underway. This “Teen Floor” is a need for them and we feel like it is the perfect fit for Kershaw’s Challenge.