2013 Donations: Generosity put to great use!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of many in 2013, we already see a tremendous difference in the lives of at-risk, vulnerable children in Africa, Los Angeles, and Dallas! 


In Lusaka, Zambia, a new water well has been drilled, and is up and running on the campus of Destiny Community School. This well will provide clean water to all the students—most of them coming from the surrounding, poverty-stricken compound of Matero. We are so thankful that these children will finally have clean water at their disposal, and not have to travel miles a day to pick up a bucket of water for their family. This is the first step of renovating and expanding Destiny Community School. The blueprints have been drawn up and we anticipate ground breaking on 5 new classrooms within the next month!

In Los Angeles, Sharefest has expanded is Youth Development Academy to Patton High School in Harbor City. On February 13, after-school classes began for numerous deserving students in the areas of Leadership Development, Art Education, Service Learning, Physical Education, and CAHSEE Prep Math & English. Continuation schools are highly effective in fostering a small-school learning environment for students who have fallen behind academically or don’t fit into a traditional learning environment. Chad Mayer, Sharefest executive director, shares their gratitude: “Thanks to the support of Kershaw’s Challenge, we can now provide much needed programming for students at Patton High School. We can’t wait to see how these classes help prepare them to be successful not only in school, but as future leaders in our communities.” What an amazing blessing to partner with Sharefest!


In Dallas, our 2013 donation made a significant dent in the fundraising goal towards Mercy Street’s Field of Dreams. We are grateful to partner with this incredible organization…and there’s more excitement to come! Thank you for helping us chip away at this goal! (Below is the little league field rendering we hope to execute as soon as remaining funds are raised!)

Mercy Street Rendering 5.jpg

We have said it many times before, but we could not accomplish these amazing, life-changing projects without your help! Thank you so much for supporting Kershaw’s Challenge. These children deserve opportunities to thrive and it is our joy to play a role in blessing them. 

Stay tuned! We are in the process of wrapping up details for our 2014 Challenge. We are excited to partner with you again to accomplish some really amazing projects.