Destiny: Change is happening!

It’s a humbling and life-changing experience to witness donations become concrete, stone, and a foundation for 5 new classrooms in one of the darkest compounds in Lusaka, Zambia. When we look at the blanket of poverty that covers Africa, it can be overwhelming. And then we see a concrete truck round the corner in the Matero compound, and begin pouring a new foundation at Destiny Community School. All the sudden, we are not as overwhelmed by how much there is to be done. Instead, we are overwhelmed by what the Lord is accomplishing right before our eyes.

Our 2013 donors accomplished something incredible. They believed in the vision to create a better learning environment for underprivileged children. They understood that by adding more classrooms, children who have not been given a chance in life would be empowered by an education. Our donors graciously gave more than we could have imagined. By God’s grace, they had faith that their gifts could make a difference in the lives of kids in Africa.

It is a tremendous joy to show you, our faithful donors and friends, that your funds are being put to incredible use. Change is happening. Light is breaking through in a place that is so dark. The Lord is moving through each of these children. They are seeing tangible evidence that there are people in America who believe in their potential.

Thank you for your support. We continue to say this: we could not do any of this without you! Destiny Community School is growing and changing because you believe in these kids!