It's GAME Time!

Meet Juan:

Juan, a seventh grader from Wellington, Florida, has always had a passion for baseball. Last fall, Juan was playing in his middle school baseball game and noticed that the opposing team was sharing their equipment and didn’t have complete uniforms. That night he decided to do something to help out! Juan asked for a wish list from the opposing team that included uniforms, helmets, socks, baseballs and numerous other supplies - an estimated value of $7,500. This is how Juan established a fundraiser called “GAME Day”, which stands for Giving Players More of an Edge. GAME Day strives to offer student athletes the opportunity and confidence to prepare for success every time they walk out on the field.

So far Juan has raised over $7,450 and several pieces of new and used baseball equipment. This truly is a testament to Juan’s favorite Bible verse: “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” - Matthew 19:26

The best part about this story? Juan says that when he has the chance to play the opposing team again this fall, even if his team doesn’t win, he’ll be glad to know that he was able to contribute to his opponents’ success.

Best of luck this season, Juan! We’re cheering for you!

Meet Sam:

Sam’s Challenge is to donate $5 for every out he gets when playing second base for his tournament team in Texas. His family has decided to join in and donate to the Challenge as well! So far Sam has donated $104 this month and has gotten 17 batters out! His mom says that every time he gets an out, he turns to his her in the stands and holds up a big high-five.

We’re proud of you, Sam! Keep up the good work.


Meet Kathy: 

Kathy and her husband, Bruce, can definitely agree on one thing: they both love baseball. Their favorite teams, however, don’t exactly line up. Kathy is an avid Dodgers fan, while Bruce roots for the Giants. Bruce’s love for the Giants results in him purchasing a lot of Giants gear - in fact, Kathy can’t get him to stop!  Kathy’s Challenge is for every dollar her husband spends on new Giants gear, she’ll match that dollar and donate it to Kershaw’s Challenge. Her goal is to donate a minimum of $200 by the end of the 2014 season. So far she’s already donated $50!

We love this idea and are happy to be the beneficiary of this friendly rival. Thank you Kathy (and Bruce)!