Spring Training PingPong4Purpose

We decided that Spring Training shouldn’t just be time to prepare for the upcoming baseball season…our ping-pong skills needed a little dusting off, too! This year, Kershaw’s Challenge hosted the first annual Spring Training PingPong4Purpose event at the Arizona Biltmore. This night was a fun way to kick off a new KC project we are so excited to tell you about. This is a new project born out of a dream.

We love to dream! While we continue to focus our efforts on the projects and beneficiaries of Kershaw’s Challenge, we also want to continue to DREAM about what comes next. Several years ago, Clayton and Ellen had the opportunity to be involved in the building of a handicap accessible baseball field in Los Angeles. They were blown away by the project and the need that it met in the city. Since that time, we have been talking about what it would be like to replicate this project in their hometown of Dallas. There is a lot of work to be done, but our Spring Training event began the process of turning the dream into a reality. And we just can’t get over how fun it was too!

The event kicked off Saturday night, March 4th.  It was a night without night games, so a great chance for the MLB teams to compete in something other than baseball. All MLB teams were invited to participate by submitting their own doubles team for the single elimination tournament. Teams were selected very carefully and 16 doubles teams showed up with their game faces on (and their kiddos ready for some face painting and food fun) for a chance to claim victory. As you can imagine, these guys don’t miss a chance for some good ole’ fashioned competition. And plus, the winning stakes were high!

A little over 150 people attended the event, making donations at the door to KC. 50% of the proceeds were to be donated to Kershaw’s Challenge (handicap building project) and the other 50% would be donated to the winner’s choice charity. We were blown away with what the event raised. Just over $14,000 was donated the night-of! Incredible. Clayton and his partner Scott ended up pulling out the big win in the end…as well as Dodger bragging rights until next year’s event.

Needless to say, this night was tons of fun! It was the perfect event for families to gather for fun together as well as move towards making a dream into a reality. Lord willing, this event will continue for years to come, moving us one step closer to bringing baseball to families in Dallas that may never have had the chance otherwise. God is good! And the KC Team really loves ping-pong. Thanks for your love and support as well. We couldn’t do what we do without you!