CURE Update - Bryan's Story

We are so thankful for the work of our beneficiaries and are grateful that we can help support the impact they are making around the world.  Cure International is no exception.  We have the privilege of supporting the Cure Hospital located in the Dominican Republic this year. They are transforming children with life changing surgeries.  Our work is funding surgery costs for those that cannot afford treatment and specifically working with the Clubfoot program.  We can't wait to share with you Bryan's story today - one example of how your partnership with Kershaw's Challenge is changing lives around the world!

Most of the kids we meet at CURE Dominican Republic have had a long journey to healing: multiple hospitals, lots of dead ends, and more rejection than any child should have to face.

Thankfully, this was not Bryan’s experience.


As soon as Bryan’s mom, Nancy, realized his knee was turning significantly inward, she took him to the hospital. He was referred to CURE by the first doctor he saw and was scheduled for surgery with us soon after.


His friends and family have been supportive, which is a gift; usually, kids with physical disabilities like Bryan’s endure a lot of bullying. Bryan struggled with some fears of his own, though. He was afraid that if he ate too much, his condition would get worse and he wouldn’t be able to walk. When he came to CURE, our doctors encouraged him that this was not the case.

Prior to the complication with his knee, Bryan had always been healthy. He dreams of one day becoming a doctor… or maybe a professional baseball player! So even though he was a little bit disappointed to spend his summer vacation in bed recovering from surgery, he knows it’s for the best so that someday, he can pursue his big dreams.


Bryan and Nancy had a great experience at the hospital; Bryan noted that it far exceeded his expectations and that the food was delicious! (We agree with him there… our kitchen staff in the DR makes some pretty incredible meals!) Most importantly, Bryan and Nancy had an opportunity to hear the gospel and both decided to accept Jesus as Savior.


We praise God for the healing that has happened for Bryan and Nancy, both physically and spiritually!

If you would like to help us fund more surgeries like Bryan's please visit our giving page for information on ways to support the work of our beneficiaries!