Destiny Community School is going up!

We are so excited to share with you this incredibly joyful news! After discussing our plans to renovate and add on to Destiny Community School in Lusaka, Zambia, we have solidified our plans and will begin construction soon! 

You all have been instrumental in this dream to create a thriving educational environment for really vulnerable and impoverished children in the Matero compound. We could not wait to share this news with you first! 

Because of you generosity and support, hundreds of children who have not had a proper learning facility will now have 5 NEW CLASSROOMS on campus! This will allow each grade level to actually have their own classroom! Can you imagine learning in the same room with other grade levels and lessons going on at the same time?! It's near impossible to retain anything. We are overwhelmed that we will be able to build 5 brand new classrooms with our 2013 donations. 

We have hired the best contractor in Lusaka to build a durable, sustainable building with 5 new classrooms in it. He has given us really detailed blueprints and budgets for this project. He is extremely reasonable, and we are confident in his ability to build classrooms that will last a long time.

This week, we will begin drilling a well on Destiny's campus so that every child who attends this school will have access to clean water. What a blessing! These children can travel miles a day to reach clean water, and we will be able to serve the Matero community with this water well.

Lastly, we are committed to given these precious children a top class education. So we have put all remaining funds towards teachers' salaries so that we are able to hire teachers with high degrees of learning. Our hope is to hire & pay the salaries for at least 2 private school teachers.  

Friends, we are overflowing with joy. Because of your support, these children will gain a great perspective for their future through their education. We will create a safe haven for these kids to retreat to daily, and be poured into spiritually and educationally. These children deserve the best, and with these new classrooms and campus renovations, we plan on giving them just that. 

These children are the future of Zambia. And praise the Lord, we have people like you who believe in them too.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.38.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.38.46 PM.png

Destiny Kids... the new building will go is right against this wall. 


Pre-school is taught in the church building. They will now get their own classroom.


These kids are the best, and deserve the best!