His Chase

We are so thankful for an amazing organization called His Chase! The concept of His Chase is to help provide aid to ministries in Africa that are working with orphans. His Chase works in multiple countries helping kids go to school and many other things. It is remarkable what they are accomplishing. 

Mark and ChelseaJacobs, founders of His Chase, volunteered to pay for ALL the furniture and most of the supplies for the orphanage! This past May, His Chase donated $22,000 for all of the bunk beds, couches, tables, bar stools, bathroom cubbies, custom shelving, dressers, refrigerator/freezer, stove, study desks, coffee table, single beds, dining room tables, library tables, and chairs!

This has been an amazing to Arise Africa and Kershaw's Challenge. The donation not only enabled us to buy great furniture for Hope's Home, but is also gave many Zambians jobs and work to do. Our carpenter had to hire extra hands for such a large order!

Please join us in thanking the Lord for the gift of the Jacobs and His Chase! We loved working with His Chase and can't wait for what the future has for both of our ministries.