Let's Build the Wall!


We are SO close to finishing Hope's Home! Lord willing, in the next couple weeks the house will be complete and children can call this place "home" very soon. It is surreal to finally be this close! Thanks to the help of many, we are moving towards the final stages of the home, which includes paining the walls and metal work. We are right on track to get the kids moved in this fall. 

Here's where we need your help:

Let's build the wall!

Once the home is complete, the next HUGE step is building the wall around the property. This is essential for safety, especially as the house sits vacant before kids and house parents move in. It is standard procedure in Lusaka for every home to have a concrete wall with electrical wiring on top for protection. The wall needs to be built as soon as the house is complete. 

The next two weeks of fundraising are critical! We are hoping to raise $30,000 to build the wall around the entire property. As soon as this is complete, we can move towards final steps such as inviting social welfare to walk through the home and give us their seal of approval. Staying on track with this is key to moving the kids into the home in a timely manner. 

Thank you for your support! Truly, we could not do this without you. Every donation makes a huge difference towards reaching our goal. Spread the word! Let's build the wall together! If you feel led to give to this specific need, please visit our Giving Page, fill out the form & after clicking Submit- press the Donate Now button! Thank YOU for joining the Challenge! Every donation of $100 or more will get a Kershaw's Challenge t-shirt in the mail!

Let's build the wall and welcome children into Hope's Home!


Clayton & Ellen 

Below: Clayton with Hope, our inspiration for this Home (January 2012), and Ellen with Hope when they first met in the summer of 2010.


Clayton with Hope in January 2012


Ellen and Hope the summer they met in 2010.