Sponsor a child in Hope's Home!

We are so excited to introduce you to the newest members of Hope's Home family! On Thanksgiving day, Arise Africa was granted full custody of these precious 7 children. They are a special group of kids.

They have slept on the school hallway floors, at the city dump, and in the streets. But NOW, they are going to a home and sleep on a mattress for the very first time. They are going to go to a great school and never have to worry about where their next meal will come from. They will always have soap and clothes to keep them warm. They can learn to read because there will be books in the library for them to pick up anytime.  They can learn how to use a refrigerator and indoor plumbing. They can be kids. And they will finally have a family, for the first time in their lives.

Please take some time to meet the 7 newest members of our family. Then keep reading for information about how YOU can be a part of their new lives.



Alliness has lost both of her parents and she has been living with her aunt who is a widow and has 5 other children. The aunt does not work and struggles. Alliness is the last to be fed and usually not loved at home. She was very quiet when we first met and her and has opened up as we have worked with her in our child sponsorship program.  She is a shy child that needs a lot of love. Alliness is 10 years old and in the third grade. 



We have known Dorothy since 2010.  She has the most contagious smile you’ve ever seen.  Dorothy’s father died years ago and her mother has disowned her. The mother has remarried and they will not allow Dorothy to be in their new home. The new husband wants nothing to do with Dorothy, and unfortunately this is rather common. Dorothy has spent the past few years sleeping in neighbor’s houses, and at the school. Arise Africa has taken care of Dorothy the best we have been able to. She loves math and science and is a sweet child. She deserves a loving home where she never has to wonder where she will sleep tomorrow. Dorothy is 9 years old and in the third grade. 



Nelly has had a very hard childhood. Her mother is mentally ill and stabbed her father to death. The mother serves time in prison and sometimes is released when the government doesn’t have enough funds to pay the guards. But she is picked up pretty quick when she commits another crime.  Nelly also struggles because she has epilepsy.  This child needs to be in a constant loving and caring home. Due to her illness she needs to be watched carefully and given her medication to control the seizures. She has a fun, loving, and sometimes cute and mischievous personality. Nelly is 8 years old and in the first grade.



We first met the Banda brothers in August of 2010 in our child sponsorship program. They have no living parents but a grandmother that spends the majority of her time in a remote village a few hours away. They have lived by themselves, in the school hallways or at the city dump. Brian has a major sense of responsibility to care for his younger brother, Armond. This sometimes keeps him out of school as he goes to the streets to beg for food. Brian loves to read. He wants to be a pilot when he grows up. Brian and Armond have never slept in their very own beds or have had three meals a day. Brian is 11 and in the 5th grade.



We first met Brian and Armond Banda in August of 2010 in our child sponsorship program. The brothers have no living parents but a grandmother that spends the majority of her time in a remote village a few hours away. They have lived by themselves, in the school hallways or at the city dump. Armond loves school and likes to color.  Brian and Armond have never slept in their very own beds or have had three meals a day. Armond is 9 and in the third grade.



We have worked with Andrew for 2 years. Andrew is HIV positive and both of his parents are dead.  He was living in a home with his aunts and uncles and many children. There was no food left for Andrew after meals and he was close to death about a year ago. We took him out of the home and sent him to an orphanage run by Catholic Nuns. They helped him back to health by feeding him every hour or two for months, which enlarged his stomach. After his time spent in the orphanage, we moved Andrew to another school where he has been living with the headmaster and his wife temporarily. Andrew is 14 years old and weights 56 pounds; he is in desperate need of a home where he can be well nourished and loved.  Andrew is extremely smart and loves school. He loves to play soccer and is very shy. He wants to be treated just like any other child and go to a good school. Andrew is 14 and in the seventh grade. 

                                                           (note:Andrew and Peter are cousins)



Peter is our oldest child that will be living in the home. Peter lives in a home that has way too many people and the conditions are not healthy. A few people in the home died of cholera last year.  He sleeps on a dirt floor and comes to school very dirty. He struggles during the rainy season because his feet are constantly wet and become infected. He works hard in school and is a great leader. He is grateful for every opportunity we give him. He takes care of his school uniforms and supplies and is very thankful for everything we do. Peter hopes to be a pastor one day. We are so blessed to have Peter in the home with his cousin, Andrew. We know Peter will be a great leader in our house. Peter is 17 and in the seventh grade.



Hope and Ellen met when Hope was 9 years old. Hope was quiet, shy, and was very sick. Her eyes were constantly burning, and Hope walked with a limp. After Ellen took her to the clinic several times to check on her eyes, Hope rolled up her pant leg to reveal a very serious wound on her leg. We later found out that Hope was HIV positive, and the wound was not healing because of that. At the time, Hope was living with her aunt, and several other children. There was not enough food for Hope, who desperately needed nourishment and medical attention. Clayton & Ellen began sponsoring Hope to provide medication, food and education. A year later, Hope was looking much better, but she still needed a safe place to call home. Hope's father is not alive, and her mother lives far away and has never been able to take care of Hope. Hope is really funny, and a curious little girl who needs a lot of love and nurturing. She is our inspiration for this home, and know she will be blessed with a family to call her own! 

We are now in the process of getting all of these kids sponsored and financially covered to move in. The cost per child is $450 per month. We are trying to keep costs down, but there are some things that we cannot cut corners on--one of these things is their education. They will attend a very nice private school that is walking distance from the home. Their school alone is $120 a month.

We also want to make sure that we can cover every upcoming need. One of our concerns is medical expenses. We need to make sure we are ready for anything. There are some other things that we hope to be able to provide as well like counseling and extra tutoring for school. These sweet kids will need time to adjust. The places they are coming from are pretty tough and most experienced extreme trauma. We want to help them as much as possible and be equipped to love and care for them well. 

Here is a brief budget per child monthly:

School Fees - $120

Salaries - 2 house moms, gardener/guard, housekeeper - $115

Food - $80

Non Donated Clothing (underwear, school uniforms) - $20

Utilities (gas,electric,water) - $50

Arise Africa Administration fund - $25 (help with home repairs, insurance etc...)

Health Fund (for all medical care and emergencies) - $40

TOTAL: $450


We are praying that we can get groups of people to sponsor one child. Every child on this list will have multiple sponsors and we would love for you to consider joining a team of sponsors. We are starting orphanage sponsorship at $50 a month--but you are more than welcome to pay more than $50. When you sign up for sponsorship you will receive monthly reports from the home and bi-monthly reports on the sweet child you are sponsoring. We also want to help you stay in touch with your child through letters, pictures and packages. The kids will also enjoy writing you back!

Of course, if you want to entirely sponsor a child on your own, that's GREAT! Just email Alissa (see info at the bottom of this post).


If you are ready to join a team, you can sign up with Arise Africa and make a credit card donation.

Here are the directions:

1.  Click here to give a credit card donation

2.  Fill in your contact information and gift amount for at least $50 or more. Make sure you choose the monthly option for your donation. This will automatically charge your credit card every month.  

4. In the Notes section please let us know which child you are sponsoring. If you forget, Arise Africa we will email and ask you!

5. That's it! You are finished! Remember that all donations are tax deductible.  


We would still love for you to be a part of this incredible home. You can go online and make a donation, just like we explained above and put it in the the "Kershaw's Challenge / Orphanage fund." You can do a monthly withdrawl from your credit card as well. Some of these funds might be used to take kids to a movie, or a sporting event, or even a restaurant. The extra funds could also be used for tutors, allowing the kids to do after school activities, to buy educational games, and other things for the orphanage library. If you donate monthly to this fund, we will send you the monthly report on the home so that you are aware of how these funds are being used.  


Great! We love to answer questions! Please email Alissa with Arise Africa. She can be reached at alissa@ariseafrica.org or call at 210-602-1698. They are more than happy to answer any question.

Or feel free to contact us directly at kershawschallenge@gmail.com. We would LOVE to answer questions and connect you in the right direction.