Sundays and Sundaes

Sundays are a day we cherish back at home in Texas. It is a day of rest, family, football, church and relaxing. And this Sunday was no different.... well, except for the 9 off-the-wall playful children at an arcade with ice cream sundaes & sugar highs... and we wouldn't trade it for the world!


We began this Sunday by meeting up with the kids and house mothers at a new church, Miracle Life. It is pastored by an American couple, but has a full Zambian congregation. Each of the kids divided up into their age-level Sunday school class, while we went with Lucy, Miyanda, Peter & Andrew to "big church." It was an incredible service! The music, dancing, and worship leaders kept the songs upbeat and we felt right at home at a Zambian church. We miss the way Africans worship when we go home- truly, there is nothing like it. Total carefree singing & dancing, moving as you feel led, and hands lifted high to the sky. All the kids seemed to really love their Sunday School classes, all coming home with music sheets & stories about the new friends they made. We pray that this is a good fit for this precious family. 

Next stop were the Arcades... and it was truly the highlight of our weekend. Okay, so we've said that about everything we've done up til now, but it truly just keeps getting better. With every passing hour, the kids are blossoming into 9 different personalities. It's constant entertainment around a lunch table with this crew. 

The kids bee-lined the childrens' play area of the restaurant... complete with a trampoline and arcade games. Pure. Joy. They would jump, jump, jump until they were absolutely breathless, then move to the video games until lunch was ready. Then they went straight back to the play area. There is nothing sweeter than watching them all play together. They love each other dearly... it's hard to believe they haven't been a family their whole lives. 

We headed back to the home after a full afternoon of entertainment. Then went straight into normal playtime in the yard... which includes baseball, soccer, picture-taking, and running around all over the place! 

We're always grateful when the rain does come because it gives us sweet moments of calmness with the kids inside the house. Tonight, we did a devotional time all together. We taught them about Joseph (in the book of Genesis), and then went around the circle talking about church lessons from the day and prayer requests. If you are praying for these children tonight, please pray for their education and doing well in school. All of them are a little behind since they just started attending a challenging school a year ago. Reading is the hardest thing for them to catch on to. They are all smart kids, and determined to catch up quickly, but we know it's a struggle to feel behind. They shared with us what they want to be when they grow up, so please also pray for their futures & God's plan for their lives. We cannot wait to see what is in store for each of them!

So to end this blog, here are pictures that perfectly sum up life in Arise Home. We hope these pictures explain the joy that fills this home better than our words can!