They've Joined the Challenge!

We have been so inspired by the stories submitted on this website this season… people doing remarkable, unique things across this country to give back others. We see the Lord’s hand so clearly in each of these individual callings and journeys. As Clayton Strikes out to Serve, be encouraged that people all over America are using their God-given abilities and talents to make a difference as well!

Let us introduce you to some people who have joined Kershaw’s Challenge by creating one of their own: 

Jim Murphy: This is the second year for “Murphy’s Challenge,” in which Jim donates $1 for each one of Clayton’s strikeouts!  We are excited and humbled by his partnership to come along side of us, watch the game of baseball with a greater perspective, and believe that the Lord is mightily at work when Clayton is on the mound!

**Join the Strike out to Serve campaign by donating here for each strikeout!

Simon Tse-Harris: Simon has a heart and passion for children with special needs in China. Simon is completing many charity walks & runs to raise money and awareness for a non-profit called Rainbow Missions. Simon has witnessed many kids with special needs from his visits to China while adopting his daughter. We love Simon’s personal investment in these children’s lives & know that every mile, walk and run is changing lives for the better. 

Trevor Staffieri: Trevor is a baseball player to root for this season! He is 14 years old and in the 8th grade. Trevor wants to donate money, given by his friends & family, for every strikeout HE makes this season. Like Clayton, Trevor’s favorite Bible verse is Colossians 3:23- which he has stitched into his glove. We’re praying and rooting for YOU this season, Trevor! Rack up those K’s!

Justin Hanson: This story is incredible! Justin, his youth pastors, and church members are hoping to raise $100,000 running 100 miles in 4 days! Their donation is going towards helping Burmese refugees who have had their villages attacked, women raped, children & families killed, and everything stripped from them. We are praying for you every mile of the way Justin & crew! We believe that you all are making a dramatic impact for the Lord’s kingdom. Lives are being changed… because of you. 

Teddy Carson: Teddy loves her grandson, Keaton, so much that she and her husband are pledging $1 for every hit Keaton gets during this baseball season! We have witnessed the Lord’s blessing when baseball is played with a greater purpose, and we will be praying for Keaton to play for Him this season! Keaton loves Jesus, and is graduating from Coronado High School in Lubbock, Texas. We’re proud of the godly man you are becoming, Keaton. Always remember Colossians 3:23.

Garrett Zambros: Garrett is on a mission that is unlike anything we have ever heard. He is bike riding 12,000 miles around the USA speaking about human trafficking. His inspiration comes from his college track coach who said, “God’s desire for your life is at the crossroads of your talents and your passions.” His desire is to end modern slavery by doing what he loves to do, which is ride a bike, and spread the world about something he is deeply passionate about. Garrett- we’re so proud to call you a brother in Christ. We’re pulling for you and praying for you every mile of the way with every conversation you have.

Tell us about what YOU are doing to make a difference by filling out the form here!