Two New Brothers for the Home!

Since the opening of Arise Home in December, great things have happened within those walls. The children are well adjusted and THRIVING under the security of warm meals, loving house-moms and a place to call home. Not a day goes by that we do not rejoice in the reality of this incredible home. It’s awesome to hear the updates on home activities and school.

We are so thankful for partnership with Arise Africa. They have diligently and prayerfully cared for these children. Furthermore, they understand the culture of Zambia and aim to make the kids of Arise Home gracious and productive citizens of their country. Truly, we couldn’t do this without them! Through the Arise Africa sponsorship program, the staff maintains relationships with hundreds of children in the communities. Therefore, they know the dire and specific needs of many children.

We have been committed to growing the home slowly—ensuring that we don’t outgrow our capabilities too quickly. The past several months have been a great time of learning and growth and by God’s grace, we feel like it is time to “open our doors” to two more children.

Meet our dear friends and newest members of Arise Home: Fred and Mukonda Kaliki!

Fred Kaliki.jpeg
Mukonda Kaliki.jpeg

They are brothers who attend Destiny School, one of our partnering community schools. Mukonda and Fred live in an area of Lusaka called Buseco Market—a community of plastic tarp “homes” with dirt floors. Though the boys have two living parents, their living conditions are the worst we have seen. Their father is rarely around. Their mother is a wonderful, godly example and deeply loves her children. She sells plastic containers to earn a living—but that doesn’t make ends meet for her large family.

The Kaliki family has welcomed us into their home many times.


It seems the Lord is opening an opportunity for us to help care for Mukonda and Fred—what an awesome blessing! Their parents are grateful for the help, as their situation only seems to be worsening and there is a recent outbreak of cholera in the area. Mukonda is 10 years old and Fred is 8 years old—and we are so excited to welcome them into our Arise Home family!

The Lord continues to surprise us in amazing ways through this home and through Kershaw’s Challenge. Thank you for joining us on this adventure! Stay tuned for updates on Mukonda and Fred as they move into the home and meet their new brothers and sisters. We rejoice in next step for this pair of brothers!