Update on Hope's Home

We are on our way! As you know, we have bumped up our goal to $100,000, and it is within arms reach! Through lots of prayer, and fundraising this off-season, we are confident that we will be ready to break ground on the home in the next couple months. A huge Thank You to the Dodgers organization who gave us $10,000. You contribution is significant, and we are so grateful for your support throughout the season. As of right now we have raised $93,170. As we near our goal, we are really hopeful that we will even exceed our expectations and go over it. The $100,000 will just be for building the house - not many of the other needs are covered in that total. Anything over that will go towards buying furniture, school supplies, medical care, and sustaining the orphanage until we can find financial sponsors for all the children who live there.

Arise Africa has purchased land for the orphanage in a great area. There are many schools, clinics, and stores around the land. We are excited to meet with architects in Zambia in January to go over blueprints and plans to build. Our goal is to create a family environment, where children will have personal attention, space, and significance in the home.

We will continue to send autographed baseballs and 8x10 photos for donations over $100 (photo) and $300 (baseball) until February. The autographed jerseys are limited (5 left), and we will cut off sending them the 1st of December. Donations of $1,000 received before then will receive an autographed jersey.

We are humbled by how you have joined us in this Challenge. Whether you have helped spread the word, prayed for our mission, or given financially, you have become an integral part of building this orphanage. We all play a crucial role. Some of us are called to go and serve - to physically hug the children, and bring them hope. But our services wouldn't be nearly as effective if we didn't have the love and support of those back home. Never underestimate what your role is. What we have seen this season through the support Dodger fans and friends of Kershaw's Challenge has inspired us to continue our mission to give back next season. We are excited about what new challenge we will take on next year. You have inspired us, and we are excited to partner with you again next season.

Thank you for your support as we continue to work towards building Hope's Home. Like we said earlier, we could not do this without the help of others.


Clayton and Ellen Kershaw