What's Your Challenge?

Hey everyone!

As Kershaw’s Challenge is under way, we want to invite you to join us in a unique way. Wherever you find yourself, you have a great opportunity. You have a purpose in life that is worth figuring out, and a way to give back to others that is unique to you. For us, it’s on the pitching mound and in the streets of Africa. That’s where our “challenge” begins. But, what about you?What is your “challenge”? Let us tell you about a few incredible people we have met along the way. Their stories are inspiring.

Meet Jim, founder of the “Murphy’s Challenge.” Jim is donating $1 for every strikeout that Clayton makes during this season—playoffs and World Series, included! We love his perspective! Every dollar helps—every dollar! We are so grateful.

Meet Kregg, a baseball player at Abilene Chrisitian University in Abilene, Texas. We had the privilege of meeting Kregg earlier this month. Kregg has found his own challenge. He is pledging a donation for every strikeout HE makes on the mound during the ACU baseball season. Awesome! Kregg is a young pitcher with incredible potential. We can’t wait to see him live out this challenge this season! 

Meet Jeff, a Physical Education teacher in Orange, California. This year, Jeff’s Challenge is to “run to serve.” His goal is to run 1,000 miles in 2012—wow! For every mile that he runs, he is making a contribution towards Kershaw’s Challenge. We are blown away by his drive and passion—and overwhelming generosity! Run, Jeff, Run!

Jim, Kregg and Jeff are people just like us…and just like you. They are striving to live for something BIG, something BIGGER than themselves. They have a unique challenge.

What’s your challenge? It’s doesn’t have to be baseball. And it doesn’t have to involve a monetary donation. It just needs to focus on doing something…towards something great…that leaves an impact on someone else. We invite you to declare a challenge with us this season!

We’d love to hear about YOUR challenge. Let us know what you’re up to and we can join together towards something great, for God’s glory. Click the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page to tell us about Your Challenge. As the stories roll in, we’ll post it here on our website. The heartbeat of Kershaw’s Challenge is giving back to others, in your own, unique and personal way.

To Him be the Glory,

Clayton & Ellen