It has been an extraordinary blessing for us to be a part of God’s transformation of West Dallas. Mercy Street is settled in the heart of this impoverished community, and making a daily impact in the lives of thousands of residents. Their sports ministry is aimed at sharing the gospel through afterschool team sport activities, including baseball. Clayton has really enjoyed sharing his passion for the game with so many kids who have never had the opportunity to play or be a part of a team. Learning to be a good teammate, put others first, create a work ethic, and be competitive in a healthy way are all things that these kids can apply to their schoolwork and life.

In 2012, Kershaw’s Challenge donated baseball gloves and equipment to the Mercy Street Little League. This allowed many more kids to participate who could not afford to buy equipment themselves. That year, Clayton hosted a baseball clinic with the Dallas Baptist University baseball team, helping kids to sharpen their skills and have fun playing the game with friends. The same camp has happened in 2013, 2014 and 2015 as well. 

2015 was an amazing year as we finished funding the Kershaw’s Challenge baseball field. This new field will be one of several new fields that will serve the children and families of West Dallas. We were also thrilled to see the Urban Youth Academy come to fruition, thanks to Mercy Street’s friendship with Major League Baseball and the Texas Rangers. It is an excitement time in West Dallas as these new fields and facilities become a reality. We are proud of the work that has been accomplished and look forward to years of great baseball in West Dallas!

These kids deserve to love the game of baseball and play it in their own neighborhood. Our hope is that children will come to know this baseball diamond as a safe haven, a place to play a game they love, and a home field for a community that will rally around it’s children to cheer them on!

In 2016, we were excited to partner with Behind Every Door in south Dallas. We love how they seek to be the hands and feet of Christ in our hometown. We focused our funding on renovating a community center at the Village Oaks apartment complex, where Behind Every Door has developed a presence. This community center will be used for after-school programming (also part of our funding) for students living in the complex.