As in years past, this year Kershaw’s Challenge has one goal and four amazing partnerships. Our goal is to provide a better quality of life and give opportunities to vulnerable, underprivileged children, from the skyscraping cities of Los Angeles & Dallas, to the dirt roads of Zambia and now, the Dominican Republic. We are partnering with four non-profits who share our passion and vision to make life-changing impacts.

CURE International – Dominican Republic

 This is our 2nd year to partner with CURE. In 2014, we supported their incredible work in Lusaka, Zambia. This year, we are following the Lord’s lead and heading into the Dominican Republic. CURE’s hospital in the Dominican Republic is an amazing ministry to many. As in their hospital in Zambia, CURE serves the people of the Dominican Republic by providing surgeries completely free of charge to children. For Kershaw’s Challenge 2015, we are going to focus on raising funds for 100 surgeries. We also want to contribute to their need for medical equipment necessary to deliver skilled surgical care. Additionally, we are excited to fund two specific staffing needs: an Orthopedic Physician’s Assistant and an Advance Nurse Practitioner. We love our partnership with CURE and are so excited to see how the Lord uses our relationship with them to heal children and transform lives! To read more about this year's project with CURE, click here.


Arise Africa – Lusaka, Zambia

 Our past projects with Arise Africa have been life-transforming for the children we dearly love in Zambia. The children of the Arise Home are thriving! We have seen this dream of creating a safe haven for vulnerable orphans not only come to fruition, but also exceed our expectations. We are thrilled to join Arise Africa’s vision of another home for children. Two separate homes will allow boys and girls to have separate space, but still enjoy the love of a family culture. After funding land for the new home in 2014, we will spend 2015 raising funds to build another children’s home in Lusaka! Praise the Lord—another safe haven for children who desperately need a place to call home is now in the making! To read more about this year’s project with Arise Africa, click here.

Dream Center Los Angeles, California

We love our friends at the Dream Center! The Los Angeles Dream Center is a beacon of light to the impoverished and vulnerable residents in LA. For the second year in a row, we are honored to come along side them and be a part of the incredible, life-changing work they are accomplishing. They serve over 80,000 people per month through mobile hunger relief and medical programs, residential rehabilitation programs for teens and adults, a shelter for victims of human trafficking, foster care intervention programs, and so much more. In 2015, Kershaw’s Challenge will raise money to sponsor their Foster Care Intervention program. This program is designed to provide necessary materials and resources to families who are at risk of losing custody of their children due to their inability to provide financially. The Dream Center intervenes by providing anything necessary—beds, appliances, furniture—to allow loving families to stay together. We are so excited to fight with and for these families with the Dream Center.

Mercy Street – Dallas, Texas

In 2014, we continued to raise funds to build a baseball “Field of Dreams” in West Dallas for inner-city kids. This year, we are excited to support Mercy Street’s bigger vision of creating a larger sporting complex, including the baseball field. In 2015, we hope to put the finishing touches on the baseball field and contribute to “bigger vision” sporting complex. Mercy Street is committed to keeping children off the street through afterschool education and sports programs. This vision—this sporting complex—will allow more West Dallas kids to play locally and create an opportunity for the community to rally around its youth. To read more about this year’s project with Mercy Street, click here.


Kershaw’s Challenge is about so much more than baseball. It’s about transforming lives. It’s about making a difference exactly where YOU are. For Clayton, it comes back to the game of baseball. It is about using that platform to accomplish something bigger than himself. To remind him of his responsibility to care for others, Clayton makes a donation for every strikeout he makes. We challenge you to join us this season! Pledge per strikeout, or win, or mile you run, or book you read. Make whatever you love to do about something more… and see everything as a great opportunity to give back to those in need.


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