This year, Kershaw's Challenge is also teaming up with an amazing Los Angeles local charity, The Peacock Foundation. Their Creature/Comfort program is the essence of the Peacock Foundation. They say, "This is truly where our feathers show and serve up true impact as our flagship program." Creature/Comfort is an eight week program that works across a 5/5/5/5 model. $5,000 allows them to run the program with 5 interns from a local Exotic Animal Training and Management program and provide Marriage and Family Therapy programs through 5different organizations that they partner with, 5 days a week.

How does the program work?

Creature Comfort partners rescued animals from local organizations with Marriage and Family Therapy Interns to provide group therapy for youth that need it most. At-risk youth search for understanding and acceptance and have few if any positive adult relationships.

By bringing rescued animals from local organizations Marriage and Family Therapy Interns are able to build positive relationships with the children so they can learn how to better cope with the troubles and people in their lives. Creature/Comfort is designed to open up the minds and hearts of at-risk youth so they can have success and experience personal growth in their lives.

Week One: Rules and Regulations: Learning how to build and follow rules

Week Two: Friendship Building: choosing and making friends

Week Three: Emotion Recognition: identifying and understanding emotions

Week Four: Understanding and Recognizing Anger

Week Five: Controlling Anger: Tools for better relationships

Week Six: Stereotypes: How do others see me?

Week Seven: Self Esteem: How do I see myself?

Week Eight: Moving Up: How to finish strong

Their Mission:

To provide at-risk youth accessible and relevant mental health services while building community partnerships.