2017 is going to be an exciting year! Since the beginning, Kershaw’s Challenge has stayed focused on one goal: to provide a better quality of life and give opportunities to vulnerable, underprivileged children living in Dallas, Los Angeles, Zambia and the Dominican Republic. As in years past, we are excited to partner with four awesome organizations who share our passion. 

CURE International – Dominican Republic

This is our 4th year to partner with CURE—and the third year of working in the Dominican Republic! We have seen the work of CURE DR first hand and know this to be true: the work of CURE Dominican Republic is crucial, life giving and effective. This hospital is the only place in the Dominican Republic that is children-focused in its care. The Lord is at work through the incredible staff and care—you can see it in the children’s faces as they wait for evaluation in the waiting room. We are excited to dedicate 2017 to providing surgeries for those who cannot otherwise afford them--can you imagine a more worthy use of funds?! Additionally, we are excited to fund the Club Foot program at the hospital. This program seeks to serve children born with Club Foot with a series of casts. The hospital hosts a special clinic each week to serve these patients. 

To read more about our work with CURE, click here.

Arise Africa – Lusaka, Zambia

We love the way that Arise Africa does incarnational ministry: they step INTO the lives of the children they serve. In 2016, we we raised enough money to purchase land in the N'gmobe community of Lusaka.This land will be the home of the new Arise Africa Community School. Now that we have the land, it's time to raise funds to build the school! 2017 will be dedicated to making this school a reality! We will raise funds to build the school.  


To read more about this year’s project with Arise Africa, click here.

Dream Center Los Angeles, California

We loved being part of the Dream Center hosting the Back to School bash last year. So much so, that we feel like it's a great fit again this year! The bash is a school-year kick off that equips the children of LA with backpacks and other necessary school supplies. How cool is that? We love this concept of setting children up for a successful school year and this year, we are excited to sponsor the event. Additionally, we will focus our funds on the Foster Care Intervention program. This incredible program equips family with items (like furniture, clothes, etc) necessary to maintain a home and keep their children under their roof.


To read more about this year’s project with the Dream Center, click here.

Behind every door – Dallas, Texas

We are so thrilled to work with Behind Every Door, a young and thriving ministry in our hometown of Dallas. Behind Every Door is intervening in underserved neighborhoods by providing opportunities for change and growth. They believe in growing relationships, collaborating with others and sharing the gospel. We LOVE their heart to change our city. This year, we will dedicate our focus to building a new community center at the Willow Pond apartment complex. We are also excited to provide after-school programs for children living in the complex. 

To read more about this year’s project with Behind Every Door, click here.


Kershaw’s Challenge is about so much more than baseball. It’s about transforming lives. It’s about making a difference exactly where YOU are. For Clayton, it comes back to the game of baseball. It is about using that platform to accomplish something bigger than himself. To remind him of his responsibility to care for others, Clayton makes a donation for every strikeout he makes. We challenge you to join us this season! Pledge per strikeout, or win, or mile you run, or book you read. Make whatever you love to do about something more… and see everything as a great opportunity to give back to those in need.


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