Beneficiary Introductions... Connecting Point

We are excited to continue introducing the 2018 beneficiaries of Kershaw's Challenge.  Next up is Connecting Point Park Cities located in Dallas, Texas.

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From Connecting Point Park Cities... We dream of a day when society recognizes that all adults of all abilities have purpose and value.  Connecting Point of Park Cities provides an impactful day program for adults with disabilities by fostering independence through educational, social, recreational and vocational initiatives and connecting them to opportunities to volunteer.

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The idea of Connecting Point was first formed in 2005.  A wonderful boy suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a skiing accident at the age of seventeen.  His family found wonderful services he needed at the local high school, but those services are only provided until the age of 21.  Past the age of 21, there are few options to continue a similar day program outside of the local school.  The family began finding other families with the same struggle and collectively they began to form Connecting Point.  After forming a board of directors, they began to develop a local, quality, stimulating, all inclusive day program for adults with disabilities.  After years of planning and fundraising, the doors to Connecting Point opened on June 24, 2014.

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Kershaw's Challenge is so excited to partner with Connecting Point this year!  Clayton and Ellen were the keynote speakers for their first fundraising luncheon in January of 2014.  This organization has been such a wonderful place for so many families and we are thrilled to continue our partnership with them!


Through our fundraising efforts this year, we would love to help make Connecting Point available to more teammates through scholarship funding. Additionally, we would love to support the programs and staffing needs. Finally, we are excited to help their organization grow and plan for the future in meeting the needs of a population that is living longer.


Please join us in raising funds for Connecting Point Park Cities and our other worthy beneficiaries.  Click here to donate!

Ellen Kershaw