Hunter Smith Scholarship

The Hunter Smith Africa Scholarship fund was created in honor of our friend and brother, Hunter Smith, who passed away on April 16, 2016.


In 2012 and 2013, Hunter traveled to Zambia with our team. From the moment his feet hit the dirt of Lusaka, it's safe to say that his life was forever changed. Beyond that, the lives of HUNDREDS of Zambian children were changed because they met and fell in love with Hunter.

Hunter had a larger-than-life personality. He was a magnet for children. On our trips, he would be first off the bus and the last one to get on...always with multiple children laughing and hanging onto his arms. He was dearly loved...because he loved so ferociously. He was the tangible love of Christ to the children he met in Zambia. He held them, he tossed them in the air, he sat down and let them take a nap against his chest. That was Hunter: 110% all the time, all heart, for the glory of God and joy of children.

Not only did the children love him, but Hunter was the heartbeat, energy and mascot of our mission trip teams. After a long day of playing with kids and getting our hands dirty, he was always the first to organize a post-shower game-night. He loved people and loved being with people. Hunter was the natural leader--our team wanted to follow him because life was ALWAYS more entertaining with Hunter at the helm.


Hunter gave all of himself for the love of others--especially the precious children of Zambia. We are different because of him; the children of Zambia are different because of him. In honor of our great friend, we are established the "Hunter Smith Africa Scholarship Fund." This fund will raise money with one goal in mind: to send someone to Zambia with Arise Africa every year in Hunter's honor. We know how much he loved Zambia and feel that the most fitting celebration of him is to SEND and GO back to Africa every single year.

If you would like to contribute to the Hunter Smith Africa Scholarship Fund, please click the link below. We are grateful for the ongoing legacy of our friend Hunter and look forward to honoring him for years to come.