Beneficiary Introductions :: For the Nations Refugee Outreach

The beginning of a new season is always exciting—for Dodger baseball and for Kershaw’s Challenge! 2019 is shaping up to be our best year yet and we are so excited for you to get to know our awesome beneficiaries. You are already familiar with some of our partners and we are thrilled to continue to shine a spotlight on their efforts and life-transforming work. 

This year we are also introducing several new beneficiaries. These groups are wonderful new friends and it’s an honor to introduce them to you one at a time. As faithful supporters of KC, you know that our heart to make known the awesome work of groups who are focused on vulnerable and at-risk children and families. It is truly humbling to see how they uniquely address the critical needs of those who need help.


To kick off the introductions, let’s look at our friends in Dallas, For the Nations Refugee Outreach. Once you get to know their mission and their heart, you will quickly see why they are a great fit for KC. We love how organically FTN began. Kaitlyn and Cameron Mullens began working with refugee families living in the Dallas area through Kaitlyn’s role as a kindergarten teacher. They began to take note of the number of families and children who were new to the area—and many of whom did not speak English and were struggling to acclimate to a new culture. As we have seen so many times with Kershaw’s Challenge, there is a beautiful collision between need and opportunity. The Mullens founded FTN with three primary goals: sharing the gospel, providing education and strengthening families. 


Today For the Nations humbly focuses on these three goals—it is really awesome to behold.



FTN offers classes and programs for adults and children. Each of these classes focus on helping these families adapt to life in the United States. The adult classes range from basic language and literacy classes to GED preparation courses. These courses are instrumental in helping these families thrive in their new home. Childcare and preschool is also offered to serve the entire family. Another big component of service includes helping the refugee families learn US History and civics to learn to love and identify with their new country.  


The children’s programs are just as compelling! FTN offers after school Kids Clubs for older kids and preschool for younger children. During the summer they offer reading programs, swim lessons and newcomer classes. We are amazed at how FTN meets the specific needs of every member of the family. What a ministry!



For the Nations desires to not just provide education services but to also support family life. They accomplish this through services including welcome teams, employment services, trauma healing groups and life skills assistance. 



Here’s the true heart of For the Nations: while life skills and education opportunities are critical to new families in America, their deepest need is to know the gospel of hope. Each and every component of FTN is grounded in the good news of Jesus. We love their heart to serve these families in every capacity—especially in showing them the love and kindness of our God.


Friends, For the Nations is truly remarkable. We are proud of the work they are already doing in the Dallas area. And what an honor to stand by their side this year, developing their outdoor space to make it functional and fun. 

Check them out! Follow their story! They are doing something pretty remarkable—what a privilege to help them accomplish their mission!

Ellen Kershaw