Beneficiary Introductions :: West Dallas Community School


Our hometown of Dallas holds a large part of our heart. It is such a privilege to give back to the incredible organizations who serve families and children in need. West Dallas Community School is located in the heart of West Dallas—actually right down the street from our KC baseball field! WDCS is a unique educational experience. They strive to provide an excellent education for their students to set them up for living purposefully and intelligently in service to God and man.


They provide a top-notch education and they seek to work hand in hand with the families they serve. WDCS partners with families to offer a subsidized tuition structure. Parents can pay on a sliding scale according to income and number of dependents. Most parents pay $65 per child per month. This is a tremendous blessing to the families. However this fee does not cover the cost of sports. And we know the transformative power of sports in the lives of inner-city youth!


In 2019 we are excited to make sports possible for the students at WDCS. We will be funding the expansion on the school’s athletic program. Friends, get to know this wonderful school in the heart of Dallas. We are proud to stand by their side!


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Ellen Kershaw