Beneficiary Introductions :: Both Ends Believing

Since the beginning, Kershaw’s Challenge has existed to make life better for children living around the globe. This has looked different through out the years and in our various locations of impact. Yet regardless of location and project focus, our beneficiaries uniquely and passionately advocate for children. We are deeply proud of their work and consider it a privilege to play a role in their efforts.

In 2019, we are excited to introduce a new friend: Both Ends Believing. Our team became familiar with BEB in the fall of 2018 and we were immediately drawn to their work. Both Ends Believing has a very unique, specific calling…and we can’t help but think that it is exactly in line with our heart as an organization. 

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Both Ends Believing fights for a single mission: to see every child grow up in a family. To accomplish this, BEB works with countries around the world to implement a software called “Children First.” This software aims to identify and profile children living in at-risk situations. After identifying and profiling these children, the software enables countries to plan a family-based outcome for individual children and then actually place them in loving families. 


Friends, this is a massive undertaking: identifying children who easily “fall through the cracks” and then making a strategic plan to get them into loving homes. When we first go to know Both Ends Believing, we were struck by this very simple yet profound truth: we can’t serve and love children who are in vulnerable situations if we literally do not know who they are and where they are. BEB is standing in that gap—giving a face, an identity, a name, a PLAN for these children. 

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Kershaw’s Challenge is incredibly humbled to link arms with Both Ends Believing this year. We are moved by their efforts and challenged by their calling. And it has become our calling, too. This year, KC will support the technology efforts in Zambia and the Dominican Republic. BEB is active in both of these countries—providentially, the two international locations of KC. 


This work is essential. BEB is being used by the Lord to accomplish something revolutionary in the the lives of children and countries around the world. What a privilege to join their efforts. Get to know this awesome group. Using technology to identify children in need and build families. What picture of heaven. Both Ends Believing, we are with you! Thank you for letting us shine a light on your work. Let’s do this!

Ellen Kershaw