Beneficiary Introductions :: Arise Africa

Our friendship with Arise Africa dates all the way back before Kershaw’s Challenge even existed. We have loved our relationship with them. Together, we saw two incredible children’s homes come to fruition. The Lord has used these homes to redeemed broken lives—what beauty! The Arise Homes will always be part of the work of Kershaw’s Challenge—those children are part of our family.

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For years, Arise Africa has maintained a presence in a compound called N’gombe. The compound is the home to many, many children and families. The Arise staff cares for children living here through a child sponsorship and feeding program. They are in the compound every day—serving and ministry to an area that is poor and desolate.


In 2016 and 2017, thanks to your incredible generosity, Kershaw’s Challenge was able to fully fund the purchase of the land for a new school. It is right in the heart of the community we are longing to serve. What a gift! We were also able to fund the building of a wall around the entire property. 

In 2018 we completed "Phase Two": Building the school! This phase included planning and grading more of the enclosed school land, two new classrooms, the cafeteria, school offices and toilets, the library and school furniture to furnish the classrooms.


2019 Project: Phase Three of Four : Build the school classrooms and Cafeteria.

We are getting so close! The Arise Christian School is already functioning and it is our joy to see kids proudly attending classes. Last year was an incredible year! We have mapped out a strategic plan and believe that 2019 will make a sizeable dent in finishing up this project. We will focus our attention on raising funds for more classrooms and a brand new cafeteria. This dream of a new school is already a reality and it is a joy to create more space for even more students.


We'd love your help in raising funds to help Arise Africa and our other worthy beneficiaries! Click here to donate.

Ellen Kershaw